Wish List

This is a wishlist of things that Ollie & Amelia would love to do, experiences they should have while they can.


Football Stadium

Ollie used to love playing football, now Ollie can no longer walk he loves to watch the football on the TV. To go to a stadium would be fantastic.

Peppa Pig World

Ollie loves Peppa Pig, so a trip to Peppa Pig world would be fun.

Lapland UK

It would be magical to go to Lapland at Christmas to create special memories but unfortunately Ollie can no longer regulate his body temperature meaning it would be far too cold for Ollie however there is now a Lapland UK!

Need For Speed

Ollie loves anything to do with Motor Bikes and fast cars

Up In The Air

Before Ollie lost his speech Ollie asked to go in a Helicopter/Plane so it would be lovely for him to have this experience.


Amelia loves…

Amelia loves anything Disney and princess related.

The Great Outdoors

Amelia loves playing outdoors and swimming. Any activity based around this would be fun for her & the family.


Amelia is obsessed with Birthdays at the moment and parties it would be lovely to be able to throw her a special party.

A Princess Make-Over

Amelia loves having her hair and nails done and always nicking mummy’s make up.

Farms or Zoos

Amelia loves animals and would really enjoy a trip to a zoo or farm.

Ollie and Amelia’s dad is self employed so we would like to raise some money to allow him to have some days off work to share these experiences with the family.

If you think you can help in anyway with Ollie & Amelia’s wish list please get in touch.

Thank you.


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