Thank You

As well as all the wonderful individuals who have given time and money to Ollie’s Army, many businesses have helped and continue to do what they can. Please take a look, visit their sites and see what wonderful things they have to offer. Thank you.

Thank You

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JS Services

-The Acoustic Lounge, Poynton

-The Cinnamon bear, Poynton

-The Working men’s club, Poynton

-Poynton Sports Club, Poynton

-Stigs Barbers, Poynton

-Just for Kic@x

-Key103’s Cash for Kids

-When you wish upon a Star


-Bradshawhall primary school

-The Royal Bank of Scotland, Poynton

-Gascoigne Halman, Poynton

-Serenity, Poynton

-The Farmers Arms, Poynton

-Waitrose, Poynton

-Bailey’s trading post, higher Poynton

-Aldi, Poynton

-Speedy Dox

-Cheshire recruitment

-Sx-yes the limit

-Russell Shaw North Builders

-Little Betty’s Boutique, Hazel grove

-Macclesfield town football club and the silkman supporters trust

-Macclesfield and east Cheshire law society

-Helen Scalf paintings

-Dance at the smithy, Bramhall

-Thomas Cranmer Choir

-Michael Fox opticians

-Priorslegh medical practice, Poynton

-Crystal Living, Poynton

-Liverpool Football Club

-Stockport School of Gymnastics

-High Lane Football Club

-Thomas Cooks Children’s Charity

-B for Balloons, Hazel Grove

-Grade, Poynton

-Suzie Blues, Poynton

-Little Big Heads, Bramhall

-Poynton Lesiure Centre

-Mini V pre school, Poynton

-Vernon Primary School, Poynton

-Jenny From Baby Prints

-Creative Wolf Design UK

-The Miners Arms

-Stockport School of Gymnastics

-Just sing Choir

-Everybody Sport

-Johnnie Johnson, Poynton

-Rushcroft Jujitsus club

-Poynton Dippers Swimming Club

-Halewood operations

-Weaver Vale School

-Snoop Dog

-Bramhall Business Club

-St Nicholas Catholic high school

-Ted’s Barbers

-Co Op bank, Stockport

-Mates DIY, Poynton

-Edenred Personal Group

-Footprints Day Nursery,

-Tree Accountancy

-B&Q Handforth

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